About Eaton Insurance Services

Since 1970, we at Eaton Insurance Services believe it is our responsibility as an imperative part of our service to help you become better informed buyer when it is time to purchase your insurance protection. We understand that each customer has their own specific needs and concerns, with cost generally being the primary driving force behind the shopping process.

It is our goal to provide responsible, tailored protection competitively designed to meet the budget of each insured without sacrificing the critical protection necessary to respond in the event of a claim. We believe that preparation is a vital part of the insurance process and to be protected against unexpected losses is an essential part of the planning process when protecting your family and its assets. Statistics have proven that policyholders will experience a major claim within their lifetime. It’s not a matter of IF, it’s When.

The elements of The Protection Plus Advantage:

EMPATHY: We treat all people with fairness, empathy, compassion and understanding making YOU our primary concern.

COMMITMENT: We follow through and do what it takes to fulfill promises.

EXCELLENCE: We give our absolute best effort, striving to maintain the highest standards of service and quality.

INTEGRITY: We demonstrate high moral standards, character, honesty, fairness and unwavering commitment to ethical business practices.

RESPECT: We honor the rights and beliefs of others and treat every individual with dignity.

TEAMWORK: We work cooperatively and collectively to serve our Policyholders, Schools, Community Centers and Fellow Business owners in an effort to strengthen our community.

Let our staff at Eaton Insurance Services show you what the “Protection Plus Advantage” can do for you.