Business Insurance

It only takes one major accident or lawsuit to tear down the business that you have worked so hard to build. Are you 100% covered?

Owning a business is a huge responsibility. Besides being in charge of all employees, inventory and customer satisfaction, it is also your job to ensure that the company is protected with the right insurance policies. Imagine if an employee fell and injured themselves on company property. Or worse, imagine if it were a customer. Injuries are just one risk to be prepared for. Do not forget about possible damages to company property, mistakes made by your employees and harsh weather conditions that could damage the building. Without the proper policies in place, your business could suffer a large financial loss, or worse.

If you are looking for a comprehensive business insurance package, you have come to the right place. Our Michigan agency can provide you with the following coverage:

  • Workers Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Group Benefit Solutions
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

No two businesses are run the exact same way. Luckily, our insurance experts at Eaton Insurance Services are well aware and ready to build you a personalized package; that is the beauty of business insurance!

You work too hard to have your business fail due to a lack of coverage. For more information on our business insurance options or a free quote, contact our Michigan agency. Our experts would be more than happy to look into your business’ risks and needs to implement the proper policies. Please fill out one of our free quote forms online or call 888-648-8685. We look forward to hearing from you!