Concealed Carry Reimbursement Bond

Owning a weapon comes with responsibility that requires the utmost in care.

One of your top proprieties is to protect yourself and take responsibility when it comes to defending yourself. Don’t you also want financial peace of mind along with that? With a concealed carry criminal defense reimbursement bond that we offer at Eaton Insurance Services, you can have just that.

You care about protecting yourself, so take the extra steps to do just that.

As a permit holder, you recognize the responsibility that comes with owning and carrying a weapon for protection. But what happens if you have to use that weapon in an act of self defense? Your legal and constitutional right may be protected, but have you given thought to the financial aftermath of your actions? With a concealed carry criminal defense reimbursement bond from Eaton Insurance Services, your legal fees, expenses, and costs of defense up to the bond limit can be protected, and you can go back to worrying about staying safe – not worrying about going bankrupt!

We care about your safety, and we are here to help you stay secure.

At Eaton Insurance Services, our professionals are here to help you through the process of ensuring your safety. Self-defense is a natural instinct, but the ramifications of that can often be costly or even devastating, regardless of whether you were simply exercising a legal and constitutional right. Rest assured, by partnering with Eaton Insurance Services, you can limit the financial implications of exercising your right to carry.

We are happy to work with permit holders throughout the state of Michigan and beyond to ensure the protection they need. If you’re interested in partnering with us at Eaton Insurance Services, then it is time to start today. Don’t worry about your protection any longer – instead, call us at 888-648-8685, and we will be happy to get started. Your safety cannot be understated, and your protection starts here.