General Liability Insurance

When is the last time you looked into your general liability insurance policy? Do not let an accident be your wake-up call!

Question: Does your business have enough liability insurance to protect the company’s assets from the worst case scenario? As a business owner, this is a question that you should be asking yourself on a regular basis. It may tend to slip your mind every now and then, but do not let a mishap in the office be your reminder! It is important to have the proper coverage in place BEFORE an accident happens in order to avoid financial woes… not after.

Luckily, our Michigan agency is here to be your reminder. Having the proper general liability insurance in place will ensure that any legal issues are taken care of with grace. Without it, a large enough lawsuit could push your company back a few steps, or worse, put it out of business. Instead of taking such a risk, come and speak with our agency about the insurance solutions we can provide you with, including:

  • Coverage for claims due to bodily injury, negligence, property damage, etc.
  • Protection of company property from possible fires, theft, burglary, vandalism, and more
  • Coverage designed to cover court costs and attorney fees stemming from lawsuits

Unfortunately, taking a risk by opting out of insurance is nearly impossible in our world today. Instead of worrying about the unexpected, allow our agents at Eaton Insurance Services to help you choose the right coverage for your place of business. We encourage all Michigan business owners to give us a call at 888-648-8685 or fill out the free quote form online for more information. We would love to share our knowledge and advice with you in order to make sure you are 100% protected.