Golf Course Insurance

Keep your golf course clean, green and protected with our specialized coverage!

Ah, there is nothing quite like looking out at the green and enjoying the beauty and success of your golf course. Wouldn’t it be a shame if an unexpected mishap landed you a lawsuit, or worse, out of business? This is where golf course insurance comes into play.

With our specialized insurance package, golf course owners will not have to worry about the unique risks that their business may face on a daily basis. Coverage options may include:

  • Property coverage indoors and out to protect fences, underground sprinklers, markers, exterior lights, trees etc.
  • General liability insurance
  • Professional liability for your golf instructors
  • Restaurant liability or even liquor liability for banquet facilities
  • Pollution liability coverage
  • Auto and vehicle coverage for drivers on and off the course
  • And much more…

A golf course should always be a place to let off steam, relax with friends and just play a good game of golf. The last thing you need as an owner is a mishap, accident or disaster to throw off the “feel good” vibe of your course. Without coverage in place, even a small issue could turn into a much larger one. This may end up driving players away from your business and turning them off for good.

Allow our professionals at Eaton Insurance Services to help implement the proper policies for protection. For more information on this unique coverage, give us a call at 888-648-8685 or simply fill out the free quote form online. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our golf course insurance. With coverage in place, you have one less thing to worry about. Use this extra energy to go play a game of golf yourself!