Watercraft Insurance

For boaters in Michigan, there are four Great Lakes and 11,000 inland lakes and rivers.

It’s called “America’s Third Coast”, and our 3,200-mile freshwater coastline is simply a boater’s dream come true. In addition to the lakes, Michigan also has over 7,000 miles of canoe-able streams and 13,000 miles of trout waters. With so many boats on our waters, it’s important to have a good boat insurance policy in place.

At Eaton Insurance Services, we have been providing watercraft insurance to boaters in Michigan for many years. We can put together a boat insurance policy that is affordable and typically provides coverage for:

  • Bodily Injury – Pays for expenses to an injury to others from an accident you caused.
  • Property Damage – Can pay costs from damage to other property from an accident you caused.
  • Physical Damage– Covers damage to your own boat and its trailer.

In addition to these three basic coverage options, we also provide policies that can include protection for fishing equipment, personal property, roadside assistance, and more. When it comes to protecting you, your boat, and your equipment, we have options that are right for everyone.

When you think about it, liability on the water is just as important as it is on your car. Unfortunately, every summer we hear about boating accidents in Michigan. If you spend time on the water, give us a call about boat insurance. Our agents look forward to offering you a comprehensive and affordable policy today.